Magic places

Lost, magical place among flourishing orchards and flower fields. For those searching relaxation, far away  from crowded touristic paths and tracks. Not far away from town's market  - only 4,5km away, but song of bird wakes us up instead of purr of engine :)

The region resembles more of Tuscany hills than Polish, peasant's village. It has bewitched us. We have fallen in love with this place and we are eager to share it with people who are entusiastic about nature and ecological food. 


We offer the visitors of EcoPark Lipowa Valey our big house with five rooms, including 2 two-chambered apartments,  enclosed with hundred years old lime trees and old thatched-roof wooden cottage dating 1863 - standing alone right opposite the big house. Moreover, you can  swing loosely on several hammocks, hike breath-taking gorgeous gorges, bike around those beautiful hills  (we rent a few bicycles - dreambike and two amsterdam gazelle replicas) there is a route weaving around our place. In the evening you can relax tasting our home made liquor and eco-made food.