What makes the Lipowa a special place is its quiet and peacefull surrounding, beautiful woods and fields, and most of all gorgeous gorges in the vicinity. 

There's a lot of attractions for big and small boys and girls around - like skiing, mountainboarding, horseriding, cycling or Nordic walking. You can take your little ones to visit a Museum of Weird Bi (or Tri) Cycles or to Jurasic Park in Bałtów. It takes 8 miles to visit a magnificent Park and Spa in Nałęczów or 35 miles to hop to the Zamojski Musem in Kozłówka near Lublin

It takes more than a week to  touch and see all of them.

Come, enjoy, bring your friends and come back :-)

Hundred years old lime trees give rest enclosing our area, charming walking and bicycle tours  encourage to any kind of excursions through the gorges and numerous paths.

It is only 4km distance to Kazimierz the cultural centre of the area where you can enjoy various exibitions, concerts, projections or famous summer film festival.

In Miecmierz there is a great, old windmill standing right at a cliff and many old fashioned cottages.

On the other side of the river there is Janowiec with its XVI century castle ruins and baroque courtyard.

You can also go a little bit further and visit the charming, curative Naleczow and its impresive SPA, old fashioned willas, XVIII century castle and famous mineral waters center.